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Analytic: coating product life Qu Xiansan stage China

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2018/12/27 16:39
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Since China's coating industry since the start, after go through untold hardships to have today's achievements. However, in the long process of development, perhaps some of the details, many people will ignore the coating industry in the development of today, we will through the three stages of development the life curve in China paint products.

The first stage: excited inoculation

This stage, paint business or market inspired or out of their own experience, decided to launch a new product. The enterprise not just push new products, they think, new products or to meet the new demand, or to fill a blank, or beyond the competitors, can make up the defects or other products, is a valuable market. Therefore, paint companies to launch a new product in the incubation time is exciting.

The second stage: exercise launched

In order to let the excitement into market value, paint companies will not feed on illusions. This stage, the enterprise will usually seek outside advice, according to market research for a new paint products, from product development to guarantee quality of the preparation of a series of external propaganda.


Analytic: coating product life Qu Xiansan stage China


The third stage: growing pains

For the coating of new products, most coatings enterprises will always hold or profit or sales, or popularity or reputation of the potential expected. But it seems the perfect product, once the new products to market, instantly became a paper tiger. Don't accept consumers, dealers do not agree, team cohesion has relaxed, a lot of difficulties are coming. Coatings enterprises or solve problems come one after another or try to change, after six months or even a year after the stick, in the face of these challenges, some enterprises will slowly began to doubt the original launch new intention. With the emergence of new discovery, new excitation, the old product becomes a disgraced princess, not attract attention from enterprises, became a bland product.

Accumulated only in the long-term development process of things is the most real and substantial, our products in the long process of development, has experienced a very long time of trial, which will greatly promote the development of coating industry in China since.