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The wallpaper industry affected by the impact of Wallcovering industry gradually rise

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2019/05/07 10:56
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In recent years, the rise of the real estate market fiery, increasing competition in the market, the wallpaper industry will start the multi brand strategy, the full realization of the top, high end, low end wallpaper, soft outfit market channels, product strategy.

Ten is another form of wallpaper, like a colorful pattern, gorgeous color, but in texture than on the wallpaper. Many businesses found ten advantages, in the development of the business process, first as a new product, the market is more spacious, high profit is one of the most dynamic business chase.

Future in the high-end market to replace the traditional cloth wallpaper, from the service life, easy care is better than traditional wallpaper, wallpaper will be ten impact. Ten market relatively larger profits than wallpaper.

In the wallpaper show, some personalized wallpaper jumped into people's eyes, such as animation, China painting, the background of the characters, meet the eye everywhere pastoral wind, these are from the ever popular European Damascus pattern, Gong Tingfeng pattern, personalized become more manufacturers choice, stimulated people's consumption demand. The use of color is also more bold.

Before mainly concentrated on the Yellow Wallpaper, color, light Coffee these common color. Now a pink, purple, there are other more bold colors in the wallpaper which applied widely. Some brand wallpaper design director talked about 80 after the consumer groups for personalized Chase: "there is a part of consumer groups, is our 80, because after 80 is an independent personality, pay more attention to the group, the group is willing to accept the western and Chinese style mix of wind, is also willing to accept more bold colors, such as blue and green, or is Lan Tianzi this color."

The customized service is also a major feature, enterprise accept personal customization of customers, such as a wedding, baby photos, artwall decorative introduced customized service is divided into four blocks: according to customer tailored, wall size to custom wallpaper; tailor design; customization, such as the wedding photos into wallpaper, or put the child photos or favorite things into the wallpaper; character design, according to the customer to design ideas for him all over the world belong to his a wallpaper.


The wallpaper industry


But in talking about the enterprise competition, disorder and the brand is not strong is a major bottleneck restricting the development of wallpaper. Outstanding enterprises by raising the ability of design, production, services in all aspects, so as to make the brand. Of course, no brand, no scientific and technological innovation of enterprises will be eliminated.

The huge development space wallpaper for many enterprises to grow rapidly, exhibition, business lively dense atmosphere let the author feel like real estate regulation does not have too big impact to the wallpaper industry, but in the process of this high speed development, many enterprises still continue to explore business opportunities, feel the future market another vast the world -- the rural market. China new rural development, rural for potential demand wallpaper is on the increase. We should actively cultivate the rural market for wallpaper consumption concept and overall development.